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Ahoi, my name is Dominik. Dominik Friedrich to be precise.


Usually this would be where to tell you what my accomplishments are as a musician. Usually someone else would have written this biography for me to describe my music and live shows in the most glorious words. But to be honest, I don´t care.  I’d rather use this opportunity to speak directly to you whoever it is reading this.

My songs are my diary entries. My song “Here I was born”  for example is inspired by the adventurous ascension of Myticas. This is the highest peak of Mount Olympus in Greece where rain surprised us and a rescue team had to bring us back down during nighttime. Like this song, many of my tunes have it’s routes in journies. Staying in one spot for too long has never been mine. My musical studies both in conservatories and self taught led me to different places. In Hanover I discovered Jazz and Latin, in Rostock and Dresden mostly music from different cultures, classical guitar and acoustic guitar. In Granada Flamenco, in Biarritz Basque music, in Greece and Crete the regional Folklore. Very often people are impressed by my virtuoso playing, the different languages I sing in or my diversified musical influences. But for me, the most precious moments occur as I see how someone is really moved by my music. All the places I have been to, with their culture, landscape and peoples, are part of my experience. I’m grateful for all these experiences and even for the setbacks in which I have learned how to keep up my faith. All this is weaved into my songs. I always try to create something new in my tunes, to always push my limits. You want a shorter description of my music? „Just my guitar, my voice and my stories being blended with thousands of hours dedicated to this craft“.

So I keep writing my diary. I move quite a lot. But as long as I have a stage, open-minded people and my music I will always feel at home. I am looking forward meeting you on my journey. So come  around and lace your hiking boots or hipster shoes. Cheers, Dominik